Hello beautiful Soul,

My name is Nadine Bose and I am here to support you on your special journey to amazing sex, lasting love and fulfilled relationships, especially with yourself 💕 And to peel all the layers that keep you from fully embodying ALL THAT YOU ARE💎 , healing the trauma, (self-) destructive patterns & stories, conditioning & believes that keep you small and detached from your true self, your power, talents, love and others 💖

In my work, I combine all that I have learned throughout the years, working on all levels: body, mind, energetic & soul since I found that this is what helped make profound shifts in my life and that of my clients. This may include working with the body, with inner children, ancestors & possibly past lives. If you want to know more about my work or if we are the right fit for your topic, just send me a message!


So, If you are ready & open for change, this is what I can help you with:

✨ Fall in love & deeply connect with yourself

💖 Wanting to finally find the one (clearing the obstacles in the way)

💥 Leaving a toxic relationship

💕 Relationship issues: Leaving viscious cycles & conflict, unhealthy & destructive patterns, rekindle love & desire, connecting more deeply on all levels (sex, heart & soul)

💎 Reclaim your body, pleasure & sexuality

👑 Women empowerment

🌹 Trauma work


How You can work with Me:

I offer 1:1 & couple sessions ONLINE as well as live here at the lake with a stunning view and possibility to go swimming in Werder (Havel) close to Berlin and in the future again in Berlin.


Your investment in yourself:

1:1 Sessions

  • 60 minutes: 96 € plus tax
  • 3x 1 hour: 270 € plus tax
  • 6x 1 hour: 520 € plus tax

Couple Sessions

  • 60 minutes: 106 € plus tax
  • 90 minutes: 159 € plus tax
  • 3x 1 hour: 299 € plus tax
  • 3 x 1,5h: 459 € plus tax
  • 6x 1 hour: 599 € plus tax
  • 6x 1,5h: 899 € plus tax

From the 01.07. – 31.12.2020 taxes are reduced to 16% instead of 19% 😊

If you want to get started or if you have any more questons, just send me a message: info@nadinebose.de

I am happy to hear from you and serve you 🙏

Let’s get started! ✨

With Love💖,