Hello beautiful Soul,

My name is Nadine Bose and I am here to support you on your special journey to amazing sex, lasting love and fulfilled relationships, especially with yourself 💕 And to peel all the layers that keep you from fully embodying ALL THAT YOU ARE💎 , healing the trauma, (self-) destructive patterns & stories, conditioning & believes that keep you small and detached from your true self, your power, talents, love and others 💖

In my work, I combine all that I have learned throughout the years, working on all levels: body, mind, energetic & soul since I found that this is what helped make profound shifts in my life and that of my clients. This may include working with the body, with inner children, ancestors & possibly past lives. If you want to know more about my work or if we are the right fit for your topic, just send me a message!


So, If you are ready & open for change, this is what I can help you with:

✨ Fall in love & deeply connect with yourself

💖 Wanting to finally find the one (clearing the obstacles in the way)

💥 Leaving a toxic relationship

💕 Relationship issues: Leaving viscious cycles & conflict, unhealthy & destructive patterns, rekindle love & desire, connecting more deeply on all levels (sex, heart & soul)

💎 Reclaim your body, pleasure & sexuality

👑 Women empowerment

🌹 Trauma work


How You can work with Me:

I offer 1:1 & couple sessions ONLINE as well as live here at the lake with a stunning view and possibility to go swimming in Werder (Havel) close to Berlin and in the future again in Berlin.

If you want to get started or if you have any more questons, just send me a message: info@nadinebose.de

and book a free CLARITY CALL to find out if and how I can support you best where you are right now!

I am happy to hear from you and serve you 🙏

Let’s get started! ✨

With Love💖,